Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lavender cookies with a lemon esence

The second one today.  A dessert.  Who could resist to a cookie?  Well, i adore cookies.  And, in this case, is very simple to prepare cookies.  And, you can prepare it in every moment, because i used ingredients that everybody have always in the kitchen.

- 100 grs. of flour.
- 50 grs. of butter.
- 80 grs. of sugar.
- 2 eggs.
- A handful of lavender branches.
- A half a lemon.

- First of all, you have to warm the butter up, until it were liquid.
- Mix the butter with the sugar.
- Add the two eggs beated to the previous mix, and remove.
- Add the flour and the lavender branches, and remove.
- Add the juice of the half lemon, and remove the mix until it were melted and thick.
- In a piece of vegetal paper, put little pieces of the dough.  Separe it well, to avoid that the final cookies were melted.
- Preheat the oven, until it had a high temperature.  Put the pieces and cook it.
- You have to repeat the previous step until you finished the dough. 
- Serve it!

(1) - You can use an orange instead a lemon, and you will obtain the cookies with an orange esence.

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