Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Chicken salad with caramelized onion

My new idea.  Combine a caramelized onion with goat cheese, and serve it with chicken to prepare a delicious salad.

INGREDIENTS (for two persons):
- A handful of spinachs.
- Four fillets of chicken.
- 5-6 slices of goat cheese.
- A handful of peanuts.
- Olive oil.

For the caramelized onion:
- An onion.
- Three spoonfuls of sugar.
- A little balsamic vinegar of Módena.

- Put the spinachs well washed as the base into the salad bowl.
- Pick up the chicken into little pieces, and fry it, until the chicken were well toasted.
- Serve the chicken pieces toasted over the spinachs.
- Pick up the onion into thin parts, and fry it under low heat with a little olive oil.
- When the onion were browned, add the sugar, removing.
- Now, add the little balsamic vinegar of Módena, removing the mix until the vinegar were evaporated.
- Once the onion were prepared, spread it over the salad bowl.
- Taking advantadge of the heat of the frying pan, brown lightly the goat cheese, over a minute, taking care that the goat cheese were not melted.
- Serve the complete slices of cheese over the bowl, in a decorative way.
- Add a little handful of peanuts. 
- Serve it!

(1) - You can use other kind of dried berres, as almonds, instead of peanuts.
(2) - You can use a basis of lettuce instead of spinachs.

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