Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bean salad with pineapple

This is a very simple salad with legumes, that provide us iron, very necessary to avoid problems of anaemia.  I have to thanks for this idea to my great friend Ewelina, who is the creator of this salad.  Thanks Ewelina!

INGREDIENTS (for two persons):
- 500 grs. of red beans.
- A piece of leek.
- 100 grs. of gouda cheese.
- 100 grs. of pinneaple.

For the dress:
- Mayonnaise.
- A little curry.

- The night before, put into water the beans to soften them.  After it, boil the beans.
- Pick up the gouda cheese, the leek and the pinneaple into pieces.
- Put into the salad bowl the beans.
- Add the picked leek and the gouda cheese.
- Prepare the dressing by mixing the mayonnaise with a little curry.  Remove it and add to the salad bowl.
- Add the pieces of pinneaple. 
- Serve it!

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