Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dry-tomatoes risotto with chicken

First of all, i have to sorry about my absence.  But i regret with two new ones.  Starting with this one, a risotto.  You know that probably is one of my favourites dishes.  And, in this case, i've decided to use dry-tomatoes to obtain a new one.  I hope you like this recipe.

INGREDIENTS (for two persons):
- A glassful of rice.
- 2-3 mushrooms.
- 2-3 pieces of chicken.
- 6-7 units of dry-tomates.
- An onion.
- A quarter glasful of white wine.
- A handful of grated cheese.
- Olive oil.

- First of all, you have to dehydrate the dry-tomatoes.
- Once the dry-tomatoes were dehydrated, grind it in a little wine until you obtained a paste of it.  Reserve.
- Cut the chicken and the mushrooms into little pieces.
- Fried up the chicken tighs and the mushrooms into a frying pan.  Retire it. 
- Cut the onion.  Sauté it into a bowl with a little olive oil under a low heat.
- Once the onion were prepared, add the rice and remove it. 
- Once the rice were loose, add the white wine, and remove until the wine were evaporated.
- Add water.  I recommend double quantity of water than rice.  Remove.
- When the rice were prepared, mantain the heat and add the dry-tomatoes paste, removing until it were completely mixed with the rice.
- Retire from the fire and add the chicken and mushrooms pieces.
- To serve, add a little grated cheese.
- Serve it!

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