Saturday, 8 November 2014

Chicken salad and yellow tomatoes with a spinachs basis

I restarted my activity yesterday.  And now, i'm preparing new dishes.   The last times, i start to use spinachs!!  So, today, i've decided to create a chicken salad with a spinach basis, and yellow tomatoes.  This is a "sweet" salad.  Let we start with the recipe! 

INGREDIENTS (for two persons):
- A handful of spinachs.
- 4 chicken tighs.
- 2 pieces of avocado.
- 10-12 yellow tomatoes.
- 2 greek yoghourts.
- 2 honey spoonfuls.
- A handful of almonds.
- A pinch of pepper.

- Put the spinachs as the basis into the salad bowl. 
- Peel and cut into pieces the avocados and spread over the bowl with spinachs.- Fried up the chicken tighs into a frying pan, picking its while they're frying and spread the pieces over the bowl.
- Spread the complete (don't cut its) yellow tomatoes over the bowl.
- For the dressing, mix up the yogourth with the two spoonfuls of honey, and add a pinch of pepper.
- Dress the salad with the dressing prepared in the previous step.
- And to complete the salad, pass the almonds during 2-3 minutes in the frying pan, and spread it over the salad.
- Serve it!

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