Friday, 7 November 2014

Eggs in the nest

I'm here again!!  After a long time, i've prepared a new dish.  Thanks to a friend of mine, i think in preparing something very easy and delicious.  Something that have so much ways to prepare it, and so much combinations.  It consist on fill a piece of bread with a filling and an egg.  The filling i choose for today is a mix of fried potatoes and sauté spinach.  I hope you like it!!!

INGREDIENTS (for one person):
- A piece of little bread.
- A little potatoe.
- A handful of spinachs.
- A little spoonful of milk.
- A clove of garlic.
- A pinch of salt.
- A pinch of pepper.

- Cut the potatoes into slices. 
- Fried up the potates slices into a frying pan on a slow flame, picking the slices while they're frying.  Add the clove of garlic into little pieces.  When the potatoes were well done, not toasted, retire it.
- Stir the spinachs into a frying pan for 2-3 minutes and retire.
- Cut the high part of the bread piece, retire the crumb.
- Wet the bread piece with the milk, to avoid the bread were hardened.
- Put the mix of spinachs and potatoes into the piece of bread (the nest).
- Break the egg into "the nest" of bread, adding a little pepper and salt.
- Put "the nest" of bread into the oven during 5-10 minutes, until the egg were prepared.
- Serve it, accomplished, as example, with little pieces of tomatoes, as in the example.

- As i said before, you can use another kind of filling.  Please, try with another ingredients.  The result will be as delicious as this one.  

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