Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cherries crumble

Here we have the cherries!!  And to start the season, we have to prepare a very simple dessert, but delicious.

- 150 grs. of cherries.
- 45 grs. of flour.
- 30 grs. of cold butter.
- 30 grs. of sugar.
- 15 grs. of grindend almonds.
- A pinch of salt.

- Cut and pit the cherries.  Put as the basis into the recipients we will use to serve the crumble.
- In another recipient, mix up the flour, the sugar and the grinded almonds.
- Cut in little pieces the cold butter, and add it to the previous mix.
- To manage the mixture, we join the ingredients using the fingertip, preparing little crumbs.
- Spread up over the recipients with the cherries basis, the "crumbles" prepared in the previous step.
- Warm up the oven.  When it was heat up, put the recipients and cook until the surface were a golden aspect.
- The ideal is to serve 15-20 mins. after it were cooked, avoiding to keep it into the fridge.

You can use strawberries instead of cherries.  The final result is delicious too.  A little example:

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