Sunday, 22 December 2013

Risotto croquettes

Croquettes are normally a dish to take advantadge of the rest of other dishes, like meats.  Today i'm going to prepare croquettes with the rest of a risotto, in example, this.  But, you can prepare the croquettes with any other ingredient.  As i said before, years ago i was accostumed to prepare with the rest of meat of another dish.  Or with fish... it's a question of taste.  Take attention to the preparation, and then you can add any other ingredient to the final mix.  Bon app├ętit!

- The rest of a risotto dish.
- A half an onion.
- A glass full of milk.
- 2 spoonfuls of flour.

For the batter:
- Breadcrumbs.
- An egg.

- Cut the onion into little pieces, and fry it into at low heat with a little oil.
- When the onion was a little brown, add the flour and a little milk.  Remove the mix.
- Add the rest of the risotto (in this point, you can add any other ingredient, well minced) and remove the mix.
- Add the rest of the milk little by little, while we're still removing the mix.
- When the mix would achieve the desired texture, retire from the fire and reserve it during, almost, a couple of hours into the fridge.


- Stir the egg into a deep recipient.
- Put a little breadcrumb into a chopping board.
- Pick up little pieces of the mix.  Batter every piece into the breadcrumb, then into the egg, and repeat with the breadcrumb, given it the desired form.
- Repeat with every piece of the mix.

- Put into the fire a frying pan with oil, and when it was hot, and pan-fry the croquettes until golden.
- Serve it alone, or, in example, with a little guacamole as we prepared it here.

(*) Final note: Normally, you will prepare more croquettes than the necessary to a simple dish.  You can fridge the rest, and prepare it in a near future.

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