Saturday, 21 December 2013

Rice pudding au chocolat

Today i'm going to cook a traditional dessert with a new touch.  I will add a piece of black chocolate at the end of the cooking, with a delicious result.  Finally, i will put a strawberrie in an ornamental way and... well, i hope you like it!

INGREDIENTS (2 pieces):
- A glass half full of of rice.
- A glass half full half of water.
- A glass half full of milk.
- A spoonful of cocoa powder.
- 6 squares of a black chocolate bar.

For the presentation:
- A strawberrie.

- Boil the rice at medium heat into the water, removing to avoid the rice stuck to the pan.
- When the water was evaporated, add the milk, the cocoa powder and repeating the process as with the water.
- When the milk was evaporated and the rice was boiled, add the squares of black chocolate and remove until it was mixed with the rice.
- Retire from the cook and reserve it.
- Serve it into little pans and add the strawberrie in an ornamental way.

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