Saturday, 28 December 2013

Palak paneer with spicy rice

Today i want to share with you a oriental dish.  As every oriental dish, this is very spicy and you have to be careful with the quantity of spices that you use.  But it's very good and simple to prepare.  It's something that prepare some time ago, and with a good result.

INGREDIENTS (2 persons):
For the rice:
- 200 grs. of rice.
- A chilli pepper.
- A little saffron sticks.
- 1-2 little spoonfuls of nutmeg.
- A half a chive.
- Cinnamon sticks.
- Olive oil.

For the spinachs hotpot:
- 5-6 slices of goat cheese.
- An onion.
- A half a spoonful of fresh ginger.
- A little spoonful of cumin.
- A little spoonful of fennel.
- 1-2 cloves of garlic.
- A litlle spoonful of chilli paprika.
- Pepper.
- 2 spoonfuls of tomatoe sausage.
- A little salt.
- 500 grs. of spinachs.

- Boil the rice with the cinnamon stick.
- When the rice is well boiled, retire from the heat and drain it, quiting the cinnamon stick and reserving it.
- Put the spinachs and the ginger into a cooking pot with a little salt.  Cover it and boil roughly 3-4 minutes.
- Retire the spinachs, grind and reserve it.
- Cut the onion into little pieces and, into a frying pan under low heat, brown it with a little oil, adding the picked garlic and the fennel, frying it gently during 1-2 minutes.
- Add the cumin and the paprika, remove it during rougly a minute, and add the spinach paste.  Up the heat a little and sauté it during 1-2 minutes. 
- Add the tomatoe sausage and sauté it to obtain a creamy paste.  Add the pepper and keep it under the heat roughly 1-2 minutes more.
- Once the spinach paste is finally prepared, retire from heat and reserve it.
- Pick up the half chive, and sauté it with a little oil.
- Add the chilli pepper picked up, the nutmeg, the saffron and the rice reserved in the early steps of this recipe, to mix up the different tastes.  Keep under fire roughly 1-2 minutes.
- To serve it, in one recipient put the spinachs paste putting over it the goat cheese slices pìcked.
- In another recipient, put the spicy rice and, in an ornamental way, put the cinammon stick over it.
- Server it!

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