Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mushrooms with ham and honey risotto

Today i share with you a very delicious recipe.  It's a mix of flavours.  In one side, the strong flavour of cheese from a risotto.  In the other hand, the sweet flavour of honey.  It's a delicious dish.  I hope you like it.

INGREDIENTS (2 persons):
- A glassful of rice.
- 2-3 glassful of meat broth.
- 3-4 slices of ham.
- 6-7 slices of goat cheese.
- A handful of grated cheese.
- 4-5 spoonfuls of honey.
- 2-3 mushrooms.
- An onion.
- A quarter glasful of white wine.
- Olive oil.


- Cut the slices of ham and put into a frying pan under low heat till the pieces of ham were toasted.  Reserve it.
- Cut into little slices the mushrooms and the onion.  Sauté into a bowl under a high heat with a little olive oil.
- Once the onion and the mushrooms were a little fried, add the rice and remove the mix.  Add the white wine and remove until it was evaporated.
- Get low the heat and add the meat broth in little parts, remove until it was evaporated and so on until the rice was al dente.
- Add to the bowl the pieces of toasted ham, the goat cheese and the honey, and remove until the mix was amalgamated.
- Add the grated cheese, remove and retire from the cook.
- Let stand the rice almost ten minutes.
- Serve it.

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