Sunday, 24 November 2013

Legume hamburguers

As i promise in the last post, here i come with the recipe of the legume hamburguers.  We can accomplish it with a guacamole sausage, as we prepare it here.

INGREDIENTS (3-4 pieces):
- 100 grs. of chipkeas.
- 100 grs. of lentils.
- 2 or 3 pieces of goat cheese.
- A spoonful of grated cheese.
- 20-30 grs. of bread crumb.
- A little spoonful of milk.
- A little spoonful of cumin.
- A little spoonful of red paprika.
- A little parsley.
- A little white pepper.

For the batter:
- An egg.
- A little flour.


- Boil the chipkeas and the lentils.  As with other legumes, we must let them the night before in a bowl covered by water to soften them.
- Once the legumes were boiled, dry and put them into a bowl.  Stir the mix to obtain a compact dough.
- Crumble the bread crumbs and put into a frying pan under low heat with a little olive oil, until it were a little toasted.  In that moment, add the cumin and the red paprika and let under heat roughly one more minute.
- Add the mixture of the frying pan to the bowl where we put the legumes.
- At the same mixture, add the pieces of goat cheese, the grated cheese, the parsley well cutted, the milk (it's optional, but if the dough is too compact may be necessary) and a little white pepper.  Stir the mixture with a fork to obtain a compact mixture.
- Now, we have the dough.  To prepare the hamburguers, divide the dough into 3-4 parts, and batter them into the beaten egg.
- Cover the parts with a little flour and fry them into a frying pan with hot oil.
- Enjoy!

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