Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wildberries salad with dry figs and walnuts

Well, this is a good dish to serve as a accompaniment.  I had blackberries, dry figs and strawberries.  If we accomplish this with a good dressing, we could get a good starter.  And it was as good as i could forecast.

INGREDIENTS (2 people):

- 8-10 strawberries.
- 8-10 blackberries.
- 8-10 dry figs.
- A handful of peeled walnuts.
- Lettuce or a salads bag.

For the dressing:
- Módena vinegar.
- Olive oil.
- Honey.

- Into a salad bowl, clean and serve the salads bag (or the lettuce) as a base.
- Clean up the strawberries and the blackberries.  Cut the strawberries into four little pieces, and share them out with the blackberries into the salads bowl.
- Catch the dry figs, cut them in half and share them out into the salads bowl.
- Put the peeled walnuts over a hot frying pan and toasted them.  Share them out into the salads bowl..
- Prepare the dressing, with an olive oil spoonful, three módena vinegar spoonfuls and two honey spoonfuls.  Dress the salad.
- Serve it.

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