Friday, 15 November 2013

Chicken salad with mushrooms dressed with lemon sauce

Today i'm willing to innovate.  We're going to prepare a raw mushrooms salad.  But, we're going to dress it with something that we know well how to prepare: the lemon sauce (or orange sauce) chinese.  If we add to this mix, little pieces of chicken toasted, the final result can be delicious.

INGREDIENTS (2 rations):

- 3-4 chicken steaks (depending on the weight).
- 8-10 mushrooms.
- A littel handful of peeled and rolled almonds.
- A little handful of little pieces of toasted bread.
- Lettuce or a salads bag.

For the chicken and mushrooms marinade:
- Lemon (or orange) juice.

For the lemon (or orange) sauce:
- 10 lemon (or orange) juice spoonfuls.
- 4 white wine vinegar or apples vinegar spoonfuls.
- 6 sugar spoonfuls.
- 8 cold water spoonfuls.
- 2 complour spoonfuls.

- Clean up the chicken steaks and the mushrooms, and put them into a bowl.  Cover it with lemon (or orange) juice.  Let them marinade during the previous night.
- Into a salad bowl, clean and serve the salads bag (or the lettuce) as a base.
- Dry the chicken and mushrooms pieces, and reserve them.
- Put into the frying pan, with a little olive oil, the chicken pieces.  Fry the chicken pieces until they were well toasted and the liquid were evaporated. Share them out into the salad bowl .
- Share the mushroom pieces out over the salad bowl, in an ornamental way.
- Share the toasted bread pieces out over the salad bowl.
- Taking advantadge of the frying pan heat, toast the almond pieces and share them out over the salad bowl
- Prepare the lemon (or orange) sauce, in the way as we prepare in this recipe.
- Dress the salad with the lemon (or orange) sauce.
- Serve it.

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