Saturday, 5 October 2013

Strawberries with apples salad

INGREDIENTS (2 people):
- 2 apples.
- 6-8 strawberries.
- Sunflower seeds toasted and peeled.
- Lettuce or a salads bag.

For the dressing:
- A olive oil spoonful.
- 2 modena vinegar spoonfuls.
- 3 honey spoonfuls.
- A little white pepper.

- Peel and pick up the apples into little pieces.
- Clean and pick up the strawberries in four parts.
- Into a bowl, we serve the salads bag (or the lettuce picked) and, over this basis, serve the apples pieces, the strawberries and adds the sunflower seeds toasted and peeled.
- For the dressing, mix into a deep bowl the oil, the honey, the modena vinegar and the pepper.  Remove.
- Dress the salad.
- Serve it.

- We can use cherries instead of strawberries too.
- We can use pears instead of apples too.
- Talking about the sunflower seeds, i prove this salad with toasted almond too with a similar result.

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