Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Salad of strawberries with prawns marinaded into honey and lemon

INGREDIENTS (2 persns):
- 15-20 prawns peeled (or langostines).
- 8-10 strawberries.
- 2 bananas.
- A handful of peeled and laminated almonds.
- Lettuce or a salads bag.

For marinade the prawns and for the dressing:
- Two honey spoonfuls.
- A lemon juice spoonful.

- Clean up the prawns (or langostines) and put them into a bowl.  Cover it with the two honey spoonfuls and the lemon juice spoonful, and let it almost two hours before the salad preparation.
- Into a bowl, clean and serve the salads bag (or the lettuce) as a base.
- Pick up the bananas into slices and save them.
- Pick up the strawberries in four parts and save them.
- Drain the marinated prawns (or langostines), saving the remaining liquid from the marinade, and put them into the frying pan with a little olive oil.  Taking into account that the prawns are marinades, during the sauté the prawns let some little liquid over the frying pan.  Drain the prawns and share them out over the salad bowl, saving the frying pan liquid.
- Using the saved liquid, and taking advantadge of the frying pan heat, put into it the banana slices absorving the liquid saved.  The slices will adquire a golden colour and they will be a little soften.  Share out into the salad bowl, in an ornamental way.
- At last, without quiting the frying pan from the barner, toast the almonds.  Share them out into the salad bowl.
- Put in the remaining marinade liquid over the salad, as a dressing.
- Serve it.

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