Saturday, 19 October 2013

Honey, the healthy candy

There's so much time that i don't say about the properties of the ingredients that use for cooking.  Today i want to talk about the honey.  A sweet ingredient, that have so much uses for cooking, even general cooking either with desserts or simply to accomplish a hot drink (milk, tea).  The honey properties are the following:

  • Even of this sugary values, honey don't cause caries.  This is due to a natural enzyme of the honey that removes the plaque.  Although, as with every ingredient, it's not advisable to abuse.
  • It's curious, but for one party night with alcohol, it's also good.  Honey activate the removal of almost a 35% of alcohol, due to the activation of the liver metabolism that the honey causes.  It's also good for the removal of toxins and for the prevention of the secondary effects of some medicals treatments over the liver and for an unbalanced diet.
  • It's good for the heart.  Tone up the tired heart and help to remove the liquids retention for the heart diseases patients.
  • It's recommended for a good digestion.  Honey is an ingredient that is predigested by the bees.  It's the reason why it's quickly absorbed, relieving the burning sensation and the ulcer pain.
  • It's a powerful antibiotic.  It contains energetic sugars, vitamins, minerals, active enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, antibiotic substances (inhibina, formic acid), pollen, acetilcolina and water.  Honey with lemon, in example, is the best remedy to relieve throat problems.
  • Honey have antiseptic and healing properties.  Avoid the infections and accelerate the hurted skin recovery.
  • In addition to relieve the throat problems, it also serve for relieve the swelling and calm down the cough in flu process.
  • It's good to relieve the allergies.  A glass of lukewarm water with local honey, a spoonful of pollen and two spoonfuls of apple vinegar before the allergies season is a natural vaccine.
  • Good for dream. Honey of lime tree and orange blossom are very effectives to relieve the insomnia, stress and anxiety.
  • Honey also have laxative effects and it's so effective take a spoonful of honey with a glass of water.
  • You can also use the honey to take care of your physical aspect.  It's good for the skin.  Put honey in the face and in the body parts that are rough as the elbows, knees and foots.  Dissolve two honey spoonfuls into an olive oil spoonful and let the mask actuate during almost 20 minutes.
  • It's a good antioxidant due to its high values of fenolic acids and enzime as the catalasa and the oxidase glucose, that are ables to protect the cells from the free radicals.
  • When you practice some physical exercises (running, bike), prepare for the provisioning green tea with rosemary honey.  It helps you to prevent from the risks of hypoglycaemia and provide the fat oxidation and the glucogen freeing.  Also helps you to eliminate the toxins gathered by the effort.
  • It's also a prebiotic food, due to his values of own oligosacarides that increase the population of bacillary flora (bifidobactery y lactobacile) in a natural way, improving the digestive and inmunitary system health.
  • If you need to take calcium suplements, do it with a little spoonful of honey.  The honey increases the absorption of calcium that helps to increase the osseous mass.
  • Honey also have uncarcinogenic properties.  A new study has found that natural honey and derivates (pr├│polis, royal jelly, ...) helps to dicrease the tumour growth and avoid the met├ístasis, when it's injected into lab rats, wich becomes the honey into a sweet treatment anti-tumour.
As you can see, it's a great food, very natural and very healthy.  It's reccomended to take 2-3 little spoonfuls diarily, that don't suposse an excesive caloric value.  If you have some infection, or simply low energy, 2-3 spoonfuls diarily may help you.

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