Saturday, 19 October 2013

Tortilla of strawberries marinades into honey

Today a very simple dessert.  After all, a tortilla is something easy to prepare.  But with a touch of strawberries and the use of the honey becomes this dish into a very sweet dessert.

INGREDIENTS (1 portion):

- 1-2 strawberries (depending on the size).
- 1 egg.
- Olive oil.

For the strawberries marinade:
- Honey.

- Clean up the strawberries and cut them into little pieces.  Put the pieces into a bowl and cover them with honey.  Let the marinade almost two hours before de preparation.
- Stir the egg.
- Get the strawberrie pieces from the bowl, trying to dry them the most that can be possible.  Put the strawberrie pieces into the bowl with the egg and mix them.
- Put the frying pan on the heat with a little olive oil and add the mix of egg and strawberries.
- As with every tortilla, let then make one part, turn fried egg and repeat.
- Serve it with the remaining honey from the marinade.

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