Sunday, 22 September 2013

Strawberrys salad with seafood

- A salmon piece. Roughly, 100 gr
- A dozen of prawns
- 10 strawberrys
- 100 gr. of raisins
- A couple of goat's cheese slices
- Lettuce or a little portion of a salads bag

For the dressing:
- Two olive oil soap spoon
- Two honey soap spoon
- Four vinegar soap spoon
- Two cardamom seeds

- Cut the salmon in little pieces and let it and marinade it in vinegar during the previous night.
- Clean and sauté the prawns into a frying pan.
- Clean and cut the strawberrys in four.
- Into a bowl, serve the salads bag (or the lettuce cutted) and over this, serve the marinade salmon, the sautéed prawns, the rainsins and the goat's cheese.
- For the dressing, mix into a bowl the olive oil, the honey, the vinegar and the cardamom seeds smashed.  We stir it.
- Put the dressing in then main bowl, stiring.
- Over the final result, we share de strawberrys, in a ornamental way.

- We can prepare it replacing strawberries with cherries.


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