Friday, 27 September 2013

Pasta and salmon salad with pistachios

INGREDIENTS (2 people):
- 200 grs. of coloured pasta (typical for salads).
- 150 grs. of pink salmon.
- 100 grs of prawns.
- Two tomatoes.
- A handful of peeled pistachios.

For the dressing:
- Oil.
- Modena vinegar.
- Vinegar (to marinade the salmon).

- Pick up the salmon into little pieces and put them into a bowl.  Cover the salmon with vinegar and let it during the night before.
- Boil the pasta to be firm.
- Once the pasta is boiled, drain it and put it into the salad bowl.
- Pick up the tomatoes and add it over the pasta.
- Drain the marinaded salmon pieces and add into the bowl.
- Put into a frying pan with a little oil the prawns and then, put them into the bowl.
- Add the pistachios.
- For the dressing, a little oil and a little modena vinegar and stir.
- Serve it.

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