Friday, 20 September 2013

Dry-tomatoes salad

Well, talking about the dry-tomatoes, here i put a simple dish to use them.  I hope you like it.

INGREDIENTS (2 persons):
- 4 or 5 dry-tomatoes previously rehydrated.
- A couple of fresh tomatoes.
- A jar of olives without seed.
- 100 grs. of (i recommend coloured pasta and bows).
- Grated cheese.
- Red vinegar.
- Olive oil.
- A clove of garlic.

- Once the dry-tomatoes are rehydrated (i explained this in my last post), macerate them into olive oil with an entire clove of garlic, during almost three hours (i used to let the entire night before).
- Boil the pasta.  Serve the pasta into a bowl.
- Pick up the tomatoe, the olives and put them into the bowl where previouly we served the pasta.
- Take off the dry tomatoes, drain them from the oil.  Put them into an independient bowl with a little vinegar and beat them til we have a paste of them.
- Share out the dry-tomate paste over the main recipient.
- Finally, we add a little vinegar and the grated cheese to taste.

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