Friday, 20 September 2013

Dry tomatoes: a "delicatessen"

Today i'm going to use dry-tomatoes to cook, and i want to talk about the dry-tomatoes properties because are not the same as for natural tomatoes.
  • In caloric value, dry-tomatoes contain more calories than naturals.  Dry-tomatoes contain 213 calories/100 grs.
  • Dry-tomatoes are full of vitamin A.  Contain 833 mcgs/100 grs.
  • Provide a powerful element against prostate cancer, the lycopene.  Concretely, 5,51 mgs/100 grs.
  • They're not so good for persons with hypertension.  The dry-tomatoes contain sodium in a proportion 266 mgs/100 grs.
  • The dry-tomatoes also provides potasium, an extra strength for the muscles.  Contain 1560mg/100 grs.
  • Magnesium is alson in dry-tomatoes in a proportion 81mg/100 grs.
Talking about it's preparation, dry-tomatoes can be obtained from fresh roma tomatoes, cutting in half and drying it in the sun plenty of salt.  By this way, they are dehydrated and dry.  It's a recommendation to keep the dry-tomatoes into dry containers.  If you don't want to prepare them,  you also can buy dry-tomatoes.  In any case, when we want to use them, we have to rehydrate them.  To realize that, i used to left during a couple of hours into lukewarm water.

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