Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chicken salad with strawberries

Well, we're in the strawberries week.  I hope you like this new recipe, using chicken. 


- A chicken breast.
- About 10 strawberries.
- An avocado.
- Lettuce or a salads bag.
- 2 or 3 pealed nuts.

For the dressing:
- A greek yoghurt.
- White pepper.
- 3 or 4 honey spoonfuls.
- 2 mayonnaise spoonfuls.

- Put the lettuce (or the salads bag) well washed as the bottom of the salad bowl.
- Put into the frying pan the chicken breast until it was done and then, pick it up in little pieces.
- Take advantage of the heat of the frying pan, put the pealed nuts until they were well toasted (not so much).
- Peel and pick the avocato up into little pieces.
- Put the chicken, avocato pieces and nuts over the salad base of the point one.
- Now, we prepare the dressing.  Mix the yoghurt, the honey and the mayonnaise into a bowl, and then put a little white pepper.
- Dress the salad.
- Finally, pick the strawberries up and share them out over the salad in an ornamental way.

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