Monday, 16 September 2013

Cherries Lassie

Today, we will prepare a soft-drink for the summer.  A refreshing way to pass a hot summer afternoon!!

- 500 gr. of cherries
- 100 gr. of sugar
- 2/3 cardamom seeds (or a teaspoonful of fresh mint)
- 3 naturals yogurts (or Greeks)
- 6/7 ice cubes

- Clean and cut the cherries.
- Into a glass, we put the cherries, sugar and cardamom seeds (or the fresh mint) powdered and blend with a mixer.
- Add the yogurts, the ice cubes and we blend again.
- Serve inmediatly.

- We can use strawberrys instead of cherries.
- This is the case of an refreshing drink, we can add a little bit of liquor.  For example, a little mint liquor.

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