Sunday, 15 September 2013

Apples tortilla

INGREDIENTS: (2 persons)
- 2 apples.
- An egg.

- Peel and pick the apples into thin slices.
- Sauté the slices of apple into a frying pan with clean oil over medium heat, until the apples had a golden aspect.
- In the other hand, stir the egg and mix with the apples slices.
- Put into the frying pan a little part of oil and heat up.  Put the mix of egg and apples into the frying pan.
- Let the mix into the frying pan over low heat until the part on the frying pan is done.  Turn around the mix into the frying pan and repeat the process until this mix was soft but consistent (but this is a question of taste)
- Finally, we serve.

- This dish is figured out as a dessert.
- In the photo, served with fried figs.

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