Monday, 21 October 2013

Have you tasted the lemon sauce from the chinese restaurants?

Well, one of my favourites dishes when i visit a chinese restaurant (or when i ask for food in my house), is the chinese style chicken with lemon sauce.  Well, yesterday i was searching for the way to prepare it.  And, obviously, i found it!  It's very simple.  Even, you can change the lemon for an orange becoming the original sauce into a orange sauce.

Once i found the recipe, i did it, using it in the most popular and typical dish: chicken.  Well, i don't go to tell you how to prepare the chicken, but i'm going to tell you how to prepare the sauce.

- 10 lemon juice spoonfuls (or orange juice).
- 4 white wine vinegar or apples vinegar spoonfuls.
- 6 sugar spoonfuls.
- 8 cold water spoonfuls.
- 2 complour spoonfuls.

- Put all the ingredients into a stew and cook with medium hot, stiring the mix constantly.
- When the mix began to boil, reduces to a low hot and still stiring the mix during almost 1-2 minutes.
- Well, then we have the lemon (or orange) sauce.

As a way of example, yesterday i prepared the fry chicken with lemon sausage.  And, well, i have to recognize that taste very good!! I hope that you achieve this result when you try!!

Taking advantadge of this recipe (or his equivalence with orange), we can use the sauce in so many dishes as fruit salads, to accomplish, in example, croquettes... use your imagination!!!

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